“Approved and validated”. That’s the word from Israel this week about operational plans for a military offensive inside Lebanon against Hezbollah. And the response from Hezbollah? Its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, says there will be “no rules” and “no ceilings” if the long-awaited reckoning between the two takes place.

Since 8 Oct, Hezbollah has been firing rockets at Israel in a show of support for Gaza following the massacres Hamas carried out the day before. It says it has carried out more than 2,100 military operations over the past eight months. Israel has been returning fire. At least 60,000 Israelis who fled from the border region remain out of their homes as do a similar number of Lebanese on the other side. Sixteen Israeli military personnel and 11 civilians have been killed inside Israel, while more than 80 Lebanese civilians have died, and Hezbollah has named more than 300 of its fighters as fatalities.