Dubrovnik is usually associated with the sights and sounds of summer. It is known as an Adriatic hot spot where swarms of tourists flock to see historic walls and streets that make up the Old Town. In these months, the gorgeous Mediterranean heat and the promise of stunning scenes causes the place to quite literally erupt with people. This certainly makes for an atmospheric experience, but it can become wearing for those who are looking for a more peaceful or relaxing holiday.

I would instead recommend making a trip to Dubrovnik in the winter, as I did in November. It is a perfect location for a short but memorable getaway for anyone looking to combine culture with good cuisine. I would recommend starting any winter tour of Dubrovnik with a walk around the historic town walls which encircle the Old Town. Fans of HBO’s television series Game of Thrones will, of course, love it – many of the show’s iconic moments were filmed in and around these walls.

If you pick the right day, then you will have a clear vantage point of the city’s picturesque alleys, churches, and rooftops. The sandstone buildings and spectacular towers built across several generations give a charming illusion of time travel.