Adam Boulton Diary

Adam Boulton Diary – coronavirus, cakeism and completely incompetent leaders

BY Adam Boulton | tweet adamboultonSKY   /  17 October 2020

If Covid-19 had not happened, Donald Trump would not be heading for re-election and four more untrammelled years in the White House. Boris Johnson would still be enjoying a honeymoon glow with his party and the country, having won the best Conservative victory for decades. There might well have been another honeymoon for him with the new Mrs Johnson.Instead more than a million people (and counting) have died of the disease. 220,000 of them in the US and at least 43,000 in the UK. Both these G7 nations are in the top six for deaths per capita. Only Peru, Brazil, Mexico and Spain are faring worse.

Donald Trump is now the underdog in the US election. In recent weeks he has been as much as 14% behind his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, and behind in all the half dozen swing states. Boris Johnson now trails far behind Sir Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak in approval ratings, and Nicola Sturgeon too. Only the hapless Gavin Williamson keeps Johnson from bottom place in the cabinet rankings.


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