Royal Family

Adam Boulton diary – Royals are human beings too

BY Adam Boulton | tweet adamboultonSKY   /  19 February 2021

Our hereditary monarchy serves two useful functions. It is a constitutional block preventing the election of an autocratic President and it provides a focus for the nation as a talking point that keeps on giving. Everything else – charity, luxury, personality, honours, activities – whether worthy or unworthy – amount to mere window dressing. 

We British got our civil war and revolutions in early. It has suited us to be governed by a parliament in the name of an impotent and generally irrelevant sovereign.

Royalists used to scare Republicans off with the thought of a President Roy Hattersley, a deputy leader of the Labour party, or, worse, President Richard Branson. After President Trump there is no need to conjure such spectres. The smile has been permanently wiped off the face of American democracy. 


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