Pro-Trump protestors have stormed Capitol Hill in an attempt to stop the certification process of president-elect Joe Biden. As thousands of protestors swarmed around the Capitol, several of them broke their way into the US Senate and House chambers, forcing senators to evacuate.  One woman was reportedly shot in the chest and in a critical state. 

Geed up by months – years – of inflammatory rhetoric by Donald Trump and a rally he lead this morning,  the pro-Trump demonstrators gathered outside on the Capitol steps and then entered the building despite heavy guards. They stormed into the building to stop the certification proceeding, forcing Vice-President Mike Pence, Senators, congresspeople, and their staff to be evacuated or told to take shelter in their offices. Mitt Romney put it best: “This is what the president has caused today, this insurrection” as security ushered him from the chamber. Pence, who has told Trump to accept the result of the election, has unfollowed Trump on Twitter.