Forget Leave/Remain, the big divide tearing Britain in two is Matt Hancock/Boy George, after the former health secretary was parachuted (not literally, alas) into the I’m a Celeb jungle.

Jaws were on the floor as a cheerful Matt “Call me Matt” Hancock strolled into camp. “I can’t help feeling he should be at work,” said a stunned Chris Moyles in the private camera booth.

Campmates were friendly and polite to the bombshell addition. Our boy, George, took umbrage at Hancock’s presence, however, having been prevented from seeing his ill mum in hospital during the pandemic. The undoubted weirdness of the situation was echoed by his fellow celebs.

But Matt also has good reason not to be too chuffed to be sharing beans with the “pop icon”. This is the same Boy George who handcuffed a prostitute to a radiator and beat him with a metal chain. Matt was tactful enough not to bring it up.

Instead, he told the presenter Charlene White that he was in the jungle because he wanted to “peel himself back” (no thank you, Matt) and “just be me”, so that the public could see him for what he was: a human being.

And to be fair on him, he did a very passable impression of one, as he stoically led the charge in the underground bug and slime bunker, bantering gaily with fellow repenting-bloke-brought-down-by-an-affair, the comedian Seann Walsh.

ITV is seeing an immediate return on its £400,000 investment in Hancock – average viewing figures for last night’s episode hit 7.9m, 2.1m up on last year. And if the bubbling Matt/George rift boils over, the only way is up.

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