It is entirely inappropriate, I daresay, to compare and contrast the events designed to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice that brought to an end the slaughter of the First World War. However, and without seeking to engage in petty one-upmanship with our French allies, I’m bound to suggest that the ceremony designed and orchestrated by Emmanuel Macron at the Arc de Triomphe on Sunday seemed to be symptomatic of this president’s poor judgement and of a growing arrogance on his part which is increasing his unpopularity with his voters.

It was an entirely novel, deliberately modernist occasion and from the look on the faces of some of the 70-or-so world leaders in attendance, a pretty underwhelming way to mark one of the most important days not just in French but in world history.

Here in Britain at the Cenotaph, and for that matter at Ypres in Belgium, more or less traditional ceremonies were carried off with a dignified and elegant panache.