It looks as though there’s some progress being made by the Joint Committee on the ever-contentious – and unresolved – Irish border under Brexit.

According to Tony Connelly of RTÉ News, the European Union has made a further improvement to its offer.

“The EU is proposing that a 50pc cut in customs formalities on goods moving from GB to Northern Ireland become a legal obligation as opposed to a general aspiration,” Connolly says.

The Northern Ireland Protocol, requiring checks on goods so as to avoid a hard border, is causing  trouble for all parties involved, resulting in a series of grace periods and even a diplomatic war over coronavirus vaccines. Downing Street’s Brexit supremo Lord Frost wants the Protocol renegotiated or binned altogether because of the disruptions to trade, and the involvement of the ECJ in the disputes resolution mechanism.

Frost and the EU’s chief negotiator Maroš Šefcovic will hold a meeting in Brussels on Friday, with rumours swirling that a deal on the Protocol could be reached by Christmas.