It was Matt, the Daily Telegraph cartoonist, who most accurately captured the significance of the European Union elections, showing his classic British bungalow-dwelling couple commenting: “If the EU moves any further to the right Nigel Farage will want to rejoin it.” In fact, the more realistic corollary to that hypothesis is: how long can Labour maintain its aspiration to rejoin a Union that is rapidly moving far to the right of Keir Starmer’s leftist comfort zone?

How much does Starmer have in common with Jordan Bardella, the likely post-election prime minister of France? Would Angela Rayner want to go shopping with Marine Le Pen? Or even Giorgia Meloni? Would all those lefty Labour MPs who think England fans singing the “Ten German Bombers” song is the most disgraceful attack on civilisation in the post-War years feel comfortable sitting in the European parliament alongside a large AfD contingent?