Andrew Wilton

Rammed Oxford Circus Station entrance due to severe delays

Wordwatch: Rammed

This week’s wordwatch looks into the evolution of the word “rammed”.

old dictionary page with the word pronoun

Word Watch: More Pronouns

This week’s wordwatch further explores pronouns and the impact political correctness has had on its questionable usage.

the word commonplace

Wordwatch: Commonplace

This week’s wordwatch looks at the use of “commonplace” and how it has evolved from denoting something exceptional to mean something trivial.

Mole in the ground

Wordwatch: Taupe

Originating from the French noun taupe meaning “mole”, the word “taupe” describes the brownish-grey colour of a mole’s skin.

Dictionary definition of the word community

Wordwatch: Community

A deep dive into the linguistic history of well-known, but often little understood English words and phrases.