Guy Chatfield

How to choose wine in a restaurant

When you visit your favourite restaurant (remember that, going out for dinner!) and you are handed the wine list, how long do you take to

Blended wine: what’s the big deal?

Even for the biggest wine geek the morass of bottles available in today’s supermarkets can be overwhelming; fifty thousand or so different brands hailing from

You don’t like wine?

As a wine merchant, I particularly enjoy speaking at wine dinner and tastings. At the start of every session, I try to establish what are

Celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau

In the ancient world, the Bacchanal and Dionysia festivals of Rome and Greece were wild and lascivious celebrations thrown to honour the various gods of wine

Has Prosecco gone flat?

In recent years, the power of its name in commercial terms has only been rivalled by its Northern Italian stable mate Pinot Grigio. A wine