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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

How Germany’s biotech sector gave it a head start in combatting coronavirus

Germany has impressed many with the speed and scale at which it has been able to respond to the global …

By Jack Dickens

Friday, 3 April 2020

Coronavirus testing: how it works - questions answered

The fact that there are different types of coronavirus test has been a cause for confusion. What is a PCR …

By Jack Dickens

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Coronavirus testing: why there is a shortage of reagents

There is growing confusion about the government’s testing strategy. Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove, speaking at the Downing Street Press conference yesterday, exacerbated the situation …

By Jack Dickens

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Why is Germany able to test for coronavirus so much more than the UK?

It is now well-known that Germany is able to test for coronavirus on a far greater scale than the rest …

By Jack Dickens

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Will the UK’s new COVID-19 tests work?

Testing is a crucial way in which governments can tackle the new coronavirus – SARS-CoV-2. Across the world, public health …

By Jack Dickens

Friday, 27 March 2020

How do antibody tests for coronavirus work?

The new antibody tests which Public Health England is hoping to roll out have been billed as a “game changer” …

By Jack Dickens

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Scientists are beginning to better understand the new coronavirus

Scientists are starting to get a better understanding of the coronavirus which is responsible for COVID-19 – SARS-CoV-2. At the …

By Jack Dickens

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Why the UK might not be following the same coronavirus path as Italy

The British government has adopted a stricter lockdown in an effort to suppress the transmission of the coronavirus. New stringent measures …

By Jack Dickens

Monday, 23 March 2020

Why are we not testing more and faster?

The Secretary-General of the World Health Organisation, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has told countries to “test, test, test” for the …

By Jack Dickens