Joseph Rachman

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Monday, 10 August 2020

Will the British steel industry level up or crash and burn?

Once upon a time, Britain was the world’s biggest steel maker. Even as other countries went on to eclipse it, …

By Joseph Rachman

Thursday, 6 August 2020

British companies should prepare for sanctions from China: An interview with George Magnus

As the pandemic fuels growing worries about extended supply chains and a growing distrust of China the concept of de-coupling …

By Joseph Rachman

Friday, 31 July 2020

Presidential: Bush evokes a higher standard in eulogy for civil rights hero John Lewis

An often overlooked, but fundamental, aspect of the American presidency is its ceremonial role. The president is asked not just …

By Joseph Rachman

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Congress turns up the heat on big tech's big four

Four of the most powerful businessmen in the world – Jeff Bezos, Sundar Pichai, Tim Cook, and Mark Zuckerberg – …

By Joseph Rachman

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Government was "negligent" over care homes, report finds

A report by the Public Accounts Committee has delivered a scathing assessment of the government’s record on care homes, claiming …

By Joseph Rachman

Friday, 24 July 2020

Why Goldman Sachs paid half its annual profits to settle corruption charges in Malaysia

Goldman Sachs has agreed to pay the Malaysian government $3.9 billion over the role it played in the country’s 1MDB …

By Joseph Rachman

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Into the unknown: government bets $500m on satellite company OneWeb

Clever investment or white elephant? Every government project attracts this sort of scrutiny, but it’s latest venture into the space …

By Joseph Rachman

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Boris begins the great blame game over care home disaster

Is Boris Johnson right about care homes? The Prime Minister is facing an angry response to his, apparently off the cuff, …

By Joseph Rachman

Friday, 3 July 2020

Nextfin CEO campaigns for investment relief to save start-ups

One of the City’s most prominent crowdfunding aggregators, Nextfin, has launched a campaign to persuade the Chancellor to do more …

By Joseph Rachman