Right. Rapid fire analysis again on the latest TV set-peice in this general election campaign. This programme was even less worthy of comment than the last one, but in case you missed it, and on the basis that I have five minutes to spare while I wait for our cats to come in, here goes:

1) Amber Rudd was very good. In tough circumstances she turned up for the Tories in place of Theresa “no show” May, took the attacks calmly and looked like the grown-up forced to debate with students. Reasonable, and impressive, she has turned into a genuine star performer. If you disagree with me on this it may be because you are wrong or you don’t like Tories. She was good.

2) Jeremy Corbyn has been full of life in recent days as he surges in (some) polls, but tonight he looked plain knackered. His answers were lame. If that’s the next Prime Minister, then we are all completely screwed.

3) UKIP leader Paul “I’ll wire up the electric chair for executions and test it myself” Nuttall made far too little of his career in the Beatles, or his spell as Nato general secretary.

4) Tim Farron was ok, if you like that sort of thing.

5) Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru. There are no words.

6) My old friend Angus Robertson of the SNP put in a good performance, again if you like that sort of thing.

7) Caroline Lucas, clambering atop the moral high ground as ever, is clearly convinced that she speaks for an overwhelming majority of Britons, when in reality the Greens have one seat and a plan to replace the national grid with one primus stove and an extra large box of eco-friendly candles.

7) The audience were, on the whole, appalling.

8) The winner on the night was Theresa May, who wisely opted not to turn up at a shouty shambles.

So, a good night for the Tories. And then the latest YouGov poll showed up cutting their lead to just three points (that’s now within the margin of error.) Gulp.