“My fellow Amish – I mean amnesiacs – er – Americans…” Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the 46th President of the United States and masterpiece of the embalmer’s art, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. As Joe Biden shuffled across the stage to take his place at the podium for Thursday night’s debate, IT pointy-heads across America must have frowned and thought to themselves that AI still has a lot of teething troubles to iron out. The less technologically minded must have asked themselves: if this is Biden Junior, what must the Democrats’ idea of a senior look like?

Just ten minutes into what CNN, with unforgivable mendacity had billed as a “contest”, the android malfunctioned, froze and went into power saving mode. Before apparently succumbing to an attack of narcolepsy, Joe told us there were a thousand trillionaires in America (who knew?) – after all, inflation has been a bugbear of this presidency, ever since Biden, in 2021, disbursed $2.3 trillion in his American Jobs Plan and a further $1.7 trillion in his American Families Plan, totalling a $4 trillion blowout in “infrastructure” spending. This was described by Biden at the time as “a transformative effort to overhaul the nation’s economy”, but was actually a massive pork-barrel handout of billions of dollars to “progressive” activist groups.