“A hundred and twenty days. Give me a break. Need time.” President Biden’s genially exasperated final public utterance at the G7 Summit in Cornwall played down the ambition of his first foreign trip.

Before he hopped onto Airforce One, Joe Biden and his team carefully calculated his itinerary. It is absurdly foolish to still hold to Harold Macmillan’s Greeks and Romans delusion that the Americans are unsubtle diplomats.

So, phew, the Brits got the first touchdown that should keep them quiet, and any hint of jealousy-provoking special favouritism was diluted by Boris Johnson’s good fortune of happening to host the G7 this year. Next, Brussels, the de facto capital city of both the EU and NATO, to even-handedly celebrate the alliances. Then, finally, neutral Geneva, the traditional venue for chilly meetings with leaders from Moscow.