Keir Starmer is celebrating another year around the sun today, and it seems 60 has never looked so good.

The Labour leader has woken up to more than just new socks and a mug with his face on it – Labour peer Peter Mandelson, speaking to Politico, has given Starmer the best gift of all: a glowing recommendation.

“I am not saying now he’s home and dry, but he has taken us further and faster than I ever imagined possible. He has insight and empathy and a nice way of talking to people about issues which has really grown over the last couple of years,” Mandelson said.

“Corbynism is not coming back, and that it’s safe to vote Labour again,” the Labour lord added, “If you put that together with the widely held view that, quite simply, the Conservatives don’t deserve to win again, the prospects for Labour have been transformed since Starmer first became leader.”

As if this wasn’t enough, the electorate has its own gift for Starmer. Recent polling by Redfield and Wilton for the i, indicates that 39 per cent of voters think Starmer is a jolly good fellow, and would make a better PM than Liz Truss (35 per cent said they would rather trust Truss.)

The latest poll comes on top of YouGov’s premature present for Starmer: on Monday, it published a survey, indicating that voters had more faith that he could improve the NHS compared with Truss and Rishi Sunak. A lot can change in the space of a year. Happy Birthday Sir Keir!