Clan warfare in the SNP has done for Ian Blackford. The Westminster leader of the Nats resigned today, following reports he had been visited by “the men in grey kilts” demanding his removal.

Blackford had been under fire from rival factions in the party who charged him with the crime of being insufficiently angry and aggressive in his prosecution of the Nationalist cause. This might surprise viewers of PMQs, where Blackford in his appearances has consistently been very angry indeed, about how badly Scotland has supposedly been treated in every regard since the dawn of time.

No more will PMQs ring to the sound of Blackford saying “Mr Speaker, Scotland has been shafted.”

The SNP is not a happy ship. While support for independence has increased in the latest polling, support for Scottish Labour is up too. That suggests Labour is making inroads and more Scottish voters are prepared to back independence now it isn’t going to happen: Oh Lord make us independent, but not yet…