Bonnie the bug-eyed seal is making a comeback for next week’s COP26 summit in Glasgow. Avid sports fans may recognise Bonnie – who looks like she has been left inside a damp washing pile – as the mascot for the 2018 European Championships and the 2019 European Short Course Swimming Championships, both held in Glasgow.


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Glasgow City Council – which is helping to host the global gathering – insists that by recycling the “well established and popular” Bonnie, it has the “benefit of being a strong sustainability message in itself”. She has even been visiting schools across Scotland to spread the word about tackling global warming.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is hoping to get the seal of approval from foreign leaders in reducing carbon emissions. While some question whether Bonnie was the right pick (given how “demented” she looks, according to one organiser) she may yet prove to be a more lovable mascot than COP President, Alok Sharma.