Boris has failed Unionists – but that doesn’t mean they should support Corbyn

BY Owen Polley | tweet 3000Versts   /  26 November 2019

The Labour party has promised to avoid creating a regulatory border in the Irish Sea, according to its general election manifesto.

If Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, he claims he will negotiate a new deal with Brussels that results in “close alignment” with the single market and a customs union that spans both the EU and the UK. The manifesto doesn’t divulge any further detail, but the theory is that a soft Brexit bypasses the need for checks on trade between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

This offer, from a Labour leader whose sympathies with Irish Republicanism have been recorded at length, seems more appealing to unionists in Ulster than the deal negotiated by a Conservative and Unionist PM who makes a great noise about his support for the Union.


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