Boris Johnson is not even Prime Minister yet and already he is triggering people from various angles whether it be on Brexit or income tax. This week it was his suggestion that he may cancel plans for a milkshake tax and review existing sin taxes. Cue outrage and hysteria from the public health brigade. Even Carole Cadwalladr piped up with a fresh conspiracy, Boris is in hock to big sugar. Of course! Wake up, join the dots! Incidentally, if “big sugar” would like to make a donation, please contact me.

When I tweeted about this, I was hounded with replies about “big sugar” and the power of “corporations”, but mostly about how poor people need government intervention to control their behaviour. They didn’t say “poor people”, of course, but the implication was clear. It is always other people that need controlling, and there were several observations made on social media about these “people” leaving supermarkets in droves with junk food. It’s easy to support a policy that doesn’t infringe on you in any way.