Can I, first of all, say that I agree with my boss?

No, that’s not Jacob Rees-Mogg talking. It’s me in reference to the founder and editor of this website, I don’t always agree with Iain Martin. That’s why he employs me – I think. But we do agree on the essentials, and what came out, essentially, from Wednesday’s Return of the King was that Boris Johnson wiped the floor with Jeremy Corbyn and the entire Opposition, with the sole exception of the SNP.

(By the by, am I the only one to have felt that at least one third of the voices raised in the Commons yesterday, from the Tory and Labour benches as well as from those occupied by the Nats, were Scottish? It seems to me that Westminster, not Holyrood, remains the principle forum in which those of a tartan persuasion pursue serious politics.)

But I digress. Yes, Boris was a raging bull. He was a maniac