While the country faces a killer combo of higher taxes and lower public spending, it’s encouraging to see some people are not suffering – economically at least. 

While the political fortunes of Boris Johnson may be terminal after his unsuccessful attempt at a resurrection last month, on the money front, the former Prime Minister has seen an end to his own boom and bust, as Gordon Brown would put it.

Often away from Parliament, Johnson recently pocketed £276,130 for one speech, over £100,000 more than his annual salary as Prime Minister. Speaking to insurance brokers in Colorado Springs, 5,000 miles away from Westminster, he detailed geopolitical anecdotes of drinking Emmanuel Macron’s wine with Angela Merkel. 

Rupert Murdoch also seems to see Johnson as a hot ticket, paying more than £11,000 for the former PM to visit him in the US last month. Johnson was flown to Montana with internal US flights, accommodation and hospitality all paid for by the Murdoch. All right for some…

But Boris isn’t the only one to cash in on his time in No10 – wordsmiths with the inside scoop have spotted an opportunity, too. Cleo Watson, a former Downing Street aide, has penned ‘Whips!’, to be released next May. Labelled a “bonkbuster”, it is set during a Tory leadership contest with characters based on real political figures. The promotion says it will be a timely satire “filled with intrigue and scandal and written with insight and verve”. Now it transpires Watson plans a further two novels of “erotic literature”, seen as a cross between 50 Shades of Grey and The Thick of It.

Watson is not alone in wanting to make her opinions known. Nadine Dorries, perhaps Boris Johnson’s last defender, is set to write a book titled, “The Political Assassination of Boris Johnson“, detailing Johnson’s downfall. Dorries said: “Events lately have been stranger than fiction…It’s a political whodunnit” even when the cause of Johnson’s downfall is as clear as day (himself). Still, when everyone needs some escapism from the news, there’s nothing better than delving into a good page-turner on, err, yesterday’s news. 

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