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Boris Johnson’s extraordinary popularity in Ukraine is rubbing off on British voters too.

The PM’s reputation has already reached heady heights in Ukraine. A survey of Ukrainians by Cyngnal shows the Prime Minister’s approval rating (+49.6 per cent) is second only to that of president Volodymyr Zelensky (+79 per cent). That makes him more popular than the “Leader of the Free World”, Joe Biden, (+25.8 per cent) or Germany’s Olaf Scholz (+23.4 per cent). Johnson’s leadership has also made the UK the ally Ukrainians feel most positively towards, at 56 per cent, 14 points ahead of the EU (42.2 per cent).

Others in Europe appear to be feeling the same. “They think he’s the Western leader who’s been the most vocal in terms of calling out Putin,” a Brit who lives in Georgia told The Hound. “A lot of taxi drivers I have been speaking to have said the same. Some people are even comparing him to Winston Churchill.”

But it is not just those abroad who are viewing Johnson in a more positive light. His popularity among British voters during the crisis has soared to levels not seen since the beginning of December 2020.

Johnson’s net popularity shot up by 11 per cent in the past week, according to a recent poll by Redfield & Wilton.

The past is impossible to erase and Johnson is experiencing other issues at home. Yet it feels like the war has momentarily slammed the brakes on efforts to remove the PM from Number 10.