Suella Braverman claims the asylum system is broken as she defended her record as Home Secretary in the House of Commons today amid an explosive row over conditions at the Manston migrant centre

Yet in her response to an Urgent Question this evening, Braverman repeatedly said that she had not blocked the use of hotels for migrants seeking asylum. 

The Home Secretary was responding to claims that the worsening situation at the Manston migrant centre was the deliberate result of Home Office policy designed to deter future migrants from crossing the Channel. 

In her response, the Home Secretary told the House that she was concerned about the cost to the tax-payer of the tens of thousands of migrants living in hotels, and that she had instigated a review into the matter. While she was in favour of more cost effective accommodation options for migrants, she repeated that the use of hotels had never been locked. Nor had she ever ignored legal advice in relation to the issue. 

She noted that there had been a surge in Albanian arrivals this year, and reaffirmed her support for the Rwanda partnership.

Compounding the furore over Manston, the shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, and other MPs, raised the question of Braverman’s recent resignation after it was alleged that she had sent several sensitive documents from a personal email account. Braverman repeated her apology but stressed that a number of reports on the matter were inaccurate: she said she had not sent a top secret document or one that concerned cyber security.

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