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Is Brexit Boris about to be fired or can he rise again?

BY Iain Martin | iainmartin1   /  8 September 2017

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My original plan was to make this latest edition of my weekly newsletter for Reaction a study of the shenanigans at Westminster over the EU withdrawal bill. But even mentioning it I can see readers drifting away, eyes glazing over, flicking on to their next email in search of news about something more exciting, such as manhole cover designs from the 19th century, or tips on what to do this weekend when at a loose end. There is also the question of Reaction readers who live abroad, in countries such as the US. How much more Brexit can they stand? We all have our limits.
Of course, the EU bill currently under consideration at Westminster matters to the UK, a great deal. It is first of many such difficult EU-related pieces of legislation coming up at Westminster and the parliamentary fireworks will be quite spectacular. There is a ton of procedure to get through to make Brexit possible, and as Ken Clarke pointed out in his intervention this week in the Commons both the major parties are badly divided on the question of whether or how to leave the European Union. It is not grabbing people, though. There is a weariness about Brexit outside the two armed camp.
I make merely one point in passing about Brexit this week, and that is about trust and whether or not it will eventually become impossible for leavers to trust remainers. Increasingly, I wonder.