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Brexit party splits the vote and lets Corbyn in

BY Iain Martin | tweet iainmartin1   /  7 June 2019

Supporters of the Brexit party revel in making the case that it is propelled by revolutionary fervour and a righteous surge of popular feeling sweeping away the legacy parties. Leading Brexit party figures use the term revolution to describe their clean Brexit movement. The strength of the “will of the People” for the cleanest possible Brexit is supposedly so overpowering that it is blowing up the old system and propelling Nige’s new vehicle to certain victory.

If that is true – irresistible surge sweeping the country, a mega-manifestation of what “the people” want – then how come the Brexit party failed to win the Peterborough by-election this week?

Labour’s Lisa Ford topped the poll with 10,484 (31% of the vote). The Brexit party’s Mike Greene was in second place on 9,801 (29% of the vote). The Tories and Paul Bristow were third on 7,243 (1% of the vote). The Lib Dems, Beki Sellick, came fourth with 4,159 (12% of the vote.) Turnout was healthy for a by-election at 48.4% and the Labour majority is 683.


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