Britain could be facing gas shortages this winter, and be forced into a Gas Supply Emergency, according to Ofgem.

The UK’s energy regulator warns that “there is a significant risk that gas shortages could occur during the winter 2022/2023 in Great Britain,” as a result of the war in Ukraine and the resulting gas shortages that Europe is facing.

In a letter to Michael Gibbons, chair of the Elexon board, Ofgem also said that, if the UK reaches stage 2 of a Gas Supply Emergency, the largest gas users (likely gas-fired power stations) would be forced into Firm Load Shedding – curtailing their gas usage in order to re-balance gas supplies.

Germany, facing similar supply issues, called for people to cut down on their gas usage in the spring, and committed to stepping up coal-fired energy production in the place of gas. Recent figures show that Germany has used 14.7 per cent less gas in the first half of 2022, than during the same period last year.

Bloomberg’s Javier Blas tweeted: “t’s time for the UK government to seriously get a grip with the energy crisis, and start a public campaign for energy savings, before it is too late.”

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