Britain is leaving the EU – hug a remainer/leaver for Christmas

BY Iain Martin | tweet iainmartin1   /  20 December 2019

Just saying those words – “Britain is leaving the EU” – and knowing them now to be true , will be enough to make many of those who voted for departure from the European Union break into a broad grin.

Myself, I got so immersed in election night and the scale of the drubbing dished out to Magic Grandpa and the Marxist Maniacs that it wasn’t until after breakfast on Friday that I remembered. My goodness, we are leaving the EU. Almost four years since 17.4m Britons gave the clear instruction that, all things considered, it was time not to be a member of the undemocratic integrationist effort. Britain is actually going to leave the sodding thing. (Stifles hurrah.)


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