Scarcely a day goes by now without some EU apparatchiks, or their fellow travellers in Britain’s media, sanctimoniously deploring that Poland or Hungary has “endangered the rule of law”, “betrayed the values of the Union”, or “eroded democracy”. In fact, both those countries, whose only fault is clinging to their hard-won sovereignty, are infinitely more democratic than the increasingly totalitarian EU.

The rule of law? Brussels does not know the meaning of the term. Fraudulently distorting the EU convergence criteria to admit unfit Greece to membership (that worked well), turning a blind eye to France and Germany violating treaty commitments on deficits and debt levels (pre-Covid), similarly indulging the European Central Bank in its ignoring of treaties – is standard practice by this anarchic behemoth. Its tame European Court of Justice has cavalierly ruled that the EU need not obey international law – even the UN Charter, on one occasion.