Why the British really voted for Brexit – they rumbled the EU

BY Philip Patrick   /  4 February 2019

‘Judge a man by his questions, rather than his answers’, said the great Voltaire.

I first came across this quote decades ago and if I’m honest I never really understood it. But it lodged in my brain nonetheless, waiting for some outside stimulus to make apparent the wisdom it contained. And now I think I’ve got it – thanks to Brexit, and the endlessly posed question about the Brexit referendum – how on earth did it happen?

No election result in history, save perhaps for those involving obvious fraud, has ever been subject to such intense and agonized scrutiny as the UK’s vote to leave the EU. Anguished, yet thoughtful Remainers, those not inclined to simply stamp their feet and cry foul, have been acting like the casualties of a traumatic love affair, endlessly brooding on the circumstances of their break up, looking for answers, consolation, closure.

The great question was tackled again last month in an acclaimed Channel 4 drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Vote Leave “mastermind” Dominic Cummings.


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