At 3:36pm on Monday, David Cameron tweeted his delight at appearing on Radio 4’s “The Reunion” programme to discuss the Conservative Party’s success in legalising same-sex marriage. Perhaps it was a desperate decoy by DC to distract people from his other appearance on the Beeb today, regarding his involvement in the Greensill lobbying scandal. The decoy won’t work.

Documents obtained by Panorama reveal that the former prime minister made £7 million – that’s right £7m – from Greensill Capital before the financial services firm went bust in March. Cameron received £3.3 million after cashing in company shares in 2019, which coincided with a £500,000 bonus he bagged alongside his £700,000 salary as a part-time adviser.

It follows allegations that Cameron had lobbied government ministers on behalf of Lex Greensill, a financier and friend of the ex-PM.

Despite his “significant lack of judgement”, according to MPs, Cameron was cleared of wrongdoing following his appearance in front of the Treasury Select Committee back in June. Back then, Dave refused to answer questions about how much he was paid by buddy Greensill, stating that it was a “generous amount”.

How generous it was, indeed.