Is the London Metropolitan Police a criminal organisation? The answer, of course, is no, but it is no longer stupid or unreasonable to ask the question.

An extraordinary number of bad apples have been found in the Met’s barrel in recent years. And with so much that is rotten lurking among the remaining good apples, the public has a right to know who knew what was going on and why nothing was done to stop it.

Today, we learned that David Carrick, 48, a firearms officer in the Met’s Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, has pleaded guilty to 49 sex offences, including 29 instances of rape. Carrick’s colleagues and superiors cannot have been surprised. Accusations had swirled about the 48-year-old for decades. He had been questioned about claims of rape a number of times, but never charged. He was known to those who knew him best as “Bastard Dave”.