The government has missed its target to vaccinate all older care home residents by 24 January. The deadline has now been shifted to 31 January. The delay has been attributed to a variety of factors including confusion over whether GPs should vaccinate in care homes with an ongoing outbreak, changes to the second dose schedule, and early logistical difficulties. 

Meanwhile, amid vaccine delays, coronavirus is once again tearing through care homes. A total of 1,705 Covid-19 related deaths were reported in the week up to 22 January, according to data released today by the Care Quality Commission. The grim toll represents a worrying spike in cases, up 32 per cent compared with the previous week and nearly double the number from the week before that. These tragic figures bring the total number of deaths involving Covid-19 in care homes to 23,081 – out of a total of 103,709 deaths involving Covid-19 in the UK.