Move aside Marcus Rashford, we have a new leader of the opposition. 

Carol Vorderman, the 62-year old ex-Countdown host, is fast becoming the government’s most ardent critic. 

In recent weeks, the show’s former resident brainbox has emerged as a key figure calling out “Tory sleaze,” using her twitter account and TV appearances to highlight political corruption. 

“Stench from Westminster now overpowering”, remarked Vorderman to her 600,000 plus Twitter followers, in light of the revelation that Nadhim Zahawi had paid a hefty fine to HMRC while acting as Chancellor. Vorderman blasted the recently sacked Tory party chairman, adding “Zahawi’s new statement predictably says ‘nothing to see here you peasants.’” 

She also used a recent appearance on ITV’s This Morning to draw attention to the finances of the PM himself, questioning his use of a “blind trust” for his financial interests. Nor did she many any exceptions on the TV appearance for former pals. Vorderman made a laser-sharp critique of Tory peer Michelle Mone, declaring she should be “slammed in jail where she belongs” over allegations that she lobbied for PPE contracts from which she profited millions. While the glamorous duo used to enjoy luxury nights out together, according to Vorderman, Mone’s morals (or lack thereof) got in the way. She dropped the lingerie-tycoon “like a stone as soon as she realised what kind of person she was.”

The TV personality’s surprise rebrand as a leftie poster girl hasn’t gone unnoticed. A number of high-profile figures have praised her fearless campaign against ministers. 

“Carol Vorderman helping bring down the Government wasn’t on my 2023 bingo card, but I’m very much here for it,” joked Tim Burgess, the lead singer of rock band The Charlatans. Novelist Jonathon Coe was similarly quick to remark on just how much he was “enjoying the rebirth of Carol Vorders as anti-corruption firebrand”, while comedian Mitch Benn has labelled her the “tribune of the people.”

Admittedly, not everyone is quite so enthusiastic about the rebrand. Like almost any wealthy celebrity fiercely taking up a left-wing cause, some members of the public have, predictably, labelled her a “Champagne socialist”.

Though Vorderman insists she is hardly out of touch with “ordinary” people. On the contrary, her anti-corruption crusades are motivated by her experience of hardship as a child, growing up “in one of the poorest areas of Wales.”

“I know what it’s like to be poor — properly poor: four of us in a bedroom, one little gas fire to heat the house — and that never leaves you.” 

What’s more, according to Vorderman, when it comes to spotting ministers’ dodgy financial dealings, her days as the Countdown maths whiz – and “queen of numbers” – make for some great transferable skills. 

“I am forensic in my research… I know a balance sheet.”

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