Questions are being asked again over Carrie Johnson’s role in the affairs of the nation after another mess-up over mixed messaging.

On Times Radio at 7.27 this morning Paul Scully, Tory MP and small business minister, said people could ignore the ping when it comes on your phone to self-isolate. Scully was then asked what he meant by that, he replied the app is to allow people to make their own ‘informed decisions’ and not a legal requirement. (The app has always been voluntary to download and any alerts are advisory.) 

Hours later Downing Street pinged back, insisting that it is “crucial” for people to self-isolate when sent an alert by the Covid app – and businesses should help employees to do so.

By No 10 standards, that was some slap down. It’s being suggested that Downing Street’s press people acted swiftly to put the MP back in his box before his mate, Carrie, had a chance to step in and save his scalp. 

They will no doubt have spotted this sweet picture of Carrie, with Dilyn, and Paul out campaigning ahead of last year’s election. This is what she tweeted:  “Out campaigning today for @scullyp in Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park and @ElliotColburn in Carshalton and Wallington. Dilyn very much enjoyed meeting Willow the dog.”

Insiders say once again tensions between No 10’s press team and Carrie are at fever pitch because the first lady tries to intervene at every twist and turn. Has the fightback started ? 


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