What happened to Carrie’s golden wallpaper?

As far as we know neither Boris Johnson nor his wife Carrie have taken the £840 a roll of gold covered wallpaper which caused so much grief with them as they left Downing Street today. 

It would have been easy to peel off the hand-crafted wallpaper – said to have cost £2,000 or more – as apparently the paper is so heavy that it keeps falling off the walls. The Johnsons have already had to have it re-glued once before. 

Instead, the golden paper is there for Liz Truss, her husband Hugh O’Leary and their two daughters, Florence and Liberty, to enjoy as they move into the flat above Downing Street. The incoming Prime Minister has already said she is happy to live with the wallpaper, and won’t bother changing the decor as she doesn’t have time with only two years to go for a general election. 

It’s not known whether the Truss-O’leary’s will move into No 10 or No 11 although the latter may be more likely as it is larger and every PM from Tony Blair onwards has chosen to live there. 

Downing Street is the weirdest of homes for all Prime Ministers but especially weird for those with teenage children as Carol Thatcher has testified. She once had to hide from her mother’s guests as she was wearing jeans. Yes, jeans.

Yet according to reports Liz Truss’s 16-year-old Florence and 13-year-old Liberty, are looking forward to the adventure, and are already planning  sleep-overs at Downing Street and Chequers. And to continue with their family’s regular Thursday pizza night suppers. We wish them well, and hope the wallpaper doesn’t fall down.

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