Reaction Podcast

Reaction Podcast – Maggie Pagano in conversation with Vernon Bogdanor

Maggie Pagano talks to Professor Vernon Bogdanor, one of the UK’s leading experts on constitutional affairs, about why it is no accident Britain left the EU and why, if we are to succeed, the UK must pursue a policy of economic liberalism and make huge investments in skills and education. And, cross your fingers, there will be a deal.

Podcast – Are we feeling optimistic?

In the latest episode of the Reaction Podcast, Iain Martin, Maggie Pagano, and Alastair Benn discuss the possible landing zone for a Brexit deal, Boris Johnson’s attempts to re-set his leadership, and whether we should be feeling optimistic about a coming coronavirus vaccine.

Podcast – Is it time for a new Covid strategy?

In the latest episode of the Reaction Podcast, Alastair Benn, Maggie Pagano and Iain Martin discuss the government’s coronavirus strategy. Is Boris Johnson is right to defy SAGE and follow through on his three-tier policy over a “circuit breaker” national lockdown?