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Boris Johnson

Boris is right that Britain is not corrupt

But the Prime Minister is not the one who can restore a sense of prestige to the House of Commons. His loss of credibility is partly to blame for the latest bout of sleaze mongering.

COP26 climate protester dressed as Boris Johnson

Is Boris a closet COP genius?

As the COP26 conference comes to a close could it be that Boris Johnson will be looked back upon as a genius? If only it were true.

Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, leaves No.11 Downing Street to present his budget at the House of Commons in London, UK.

Inflation is back

The government must aim for fiscal responsibility to tame the beast of inflation.

Boris Johnson speaking at COP26

Boris says Britain not corrupt

Daily Briefing: The latest revelations into Sir Geoffrey Cox proves the ongoing sleaze scandal is not a Westminster bubble story.