Reaction Weekend

Celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau

BY Guy Chatfield   /  21 November 2020

In the ancient world, the Bacchanal and Dionysia festivals of Rome and Greece were wild and lascivious celebrations thrown to honour the various gods of wine and celebrate the maturing of wine from the last vintage.

Though these celebrations are of by-gone times, in the modern age we still celebrate the humble grape. Most of the festivals now are local traditions, a nod to the old days and thanksgiving for a successful harvest, the “festivities of San Mateo” held in Logrono, Rioja each September is a good example.

Outside of these traditional affairs is a growing trend to manufacture significant days to help promote certain styles and grape varieties. There are specific days for grapes from Albariño to Zinfandel with Muscadet and even “Sangria Day” in between. These “celebrations” are a marketing function of the winery or brand to help with promotion and sale. But, since they have to compete with so many other of these “world days”, their existence is unlikely to be fruitful.


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