Changing the EU will be no easy task, even for populists

BY Walter Ellis | tweet Waltroon   /  16 May 2019

Is the European Parliament about to go into meltdown with the arrival of an invading army made up of crusader populists?

This is the big question facing Brussels as the European elections dawn across all 28 member states, including an officially reluctant UK. All the available evidence suggests that the parties that make up what is loosely called the Far Right are set to secure their greatest pan-continental breakthrough since the 1930s. The fear is that the “crazies” will disrupt the traditional governance of Europe to the extent that chaos reigns and nothing gets done that does not conform to a new hyper-nationalist agenda.

Many would say, and a good thing, too. It is high time, according to the critics, that the cosy centre-right/centre-left alliance that has dominated Europe for the last 20 years be given a kick up the backside. For too long, they say, the leaders of Europe’s Deep State, for whom the idea of a supra-national Union long ago achieved cult status, has made all the big decisions, ignoring the concerns of those who see member states, within secure borders, as the most responsive and efficient expression of democracy.


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