On Thursday, MI5 issued a rare security warning, circulated to MPs and peers, about a Chinese spy who has infiltrated Parliament, seeking to improperly influence MPs across the political spectrum on behalf of China’s ruling Communist party.

This alleged agent of the Chinese government, who faces accusations of influence peddling, has been named as Christine Ching Kui Lee, a 58-year-old Anglo-Chinese lawyer.

According to MI5, Lee has “knowingly engaged in political interference activities on behalf of the United Front Work Department of the Chinese Communist party”. And she acted in coordination with the Chinese state when she “facilitated donations to serving and aspiring politicians from foreign citizens based in Hong Kong and China.”

Lord McFall, the Speaker of the House of Lords, has said that “this facilitation was done covertly to mask the origins of the payments.”

What do we really know about Christine Ching Kui Lee and who else is implicated in this unusual accusation? Here’s what you need to know.