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The Church of England needs more theological expertise

Book review - 'Reasonable Radical? Reading the writings of Martyn Percy' edited by Ian Markham and Joshua Daniel

BY Mark Fox   /  25 January 2019

Martyn Percy – Dean of Christ Church College, Oxford, priest, theologian, author, Canon, professor, academic and controversialist – is not, it is fair to say, a household name. However, in the corridors of power of the established church, universities, and those responsible for appointing people to senior jobs in public life, Martyn Percy is very much in the forefront of their thoughts. He is the first Dean in the 473 year history of the college to be elected to the job, and he has been in the newspapers in recent weeks because of a dispute between him and his fellow Fellows. The details of the dispute are unclear but in the way of these things when they take place in smallish institutions more heat than light seems to be being generated. To this Percy is no stranger.


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