Climate alarmism will damage the planet

BY John Small   /  20 June 2019

Climate change alarmism has once again attracted the world’s media attention, following the 11-day “Extinction Rebellion” protest in central London that brought chaos and upheaval to the capital. Slogans like “we can’t eat money” and “business as usual = death” demonstrated that the protestors were not just seeking to tackle climate change but also to raise a voice against capitalism. Various Green parties too did very well across the continent in the recent European elections, not just in the UK, where the issue of Brexit played a part.

To many voters, green issues are one of those politically neutral, morally and socially positive themes it’s possible to embrace without necessarily betraying economic principles. But a word of warning – most political Greens are not actually seeking to save the planet. For them, environmental issues are a means to disguise their aggressively anti-capitalist, anti-growth, redistributive, big-government-heavy agenda.


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