The race to become Mayor of London couldn’t get any more bizarre. Among the record-breaking 20 candidates standing for the top job at City Hall – including Count Binface, Laurence Fox and Piers Corbyn – is Brian Rose.

The former Wall Street banker – whose YouTube channel London Real boasts over 2 million subscribers – is vying to be “your next mayor of London”. It is not like the buff businessman is short on dosh either. He bought his own battle bus and has spent heavily on digital advertising, making him an unmissable presence on social media.

For all his efforts to be taken seriously, Rose has been the centre of controversy. He was fined by police for filming promotional material in Southwark and has been accused of spreading misinformation about Covid-19 having featured conspiracy theorist David Icke on his podcast.

Then on Monday evening, Rose posted an 8-minute video to his Twitter account in what may be the most rib-tickling and horrifying party-political broadcast you will ever witness. It’s not a campaign advertisement per se, nor a call to action. But at least it gives off strong divorced dad energy. If the Electorate Commission decides to replace the Supplementary Vote with a trial by combat, then frontrunner Sadiq Khan should be very, very worried.


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