The Tories have opened up a 17 point lead in the latest ICM/Guardian poll, underlining the epic uselessness of Jeremy Corbyn and the doomed nature of the project he and his deluded supporters have embarked on. They are heading for an almighty collision with the voters of England, where there is not – to put it mildly – a majority for a socialist revolution.

The numbers are:

Conservatives 43% (+2)
Labour 26% (-2)
Lib Dems 8% (-1)
Greens 6% (+2)

This remember is before the Tories have even got going on Corbyn. The files in CCHQ bulge with material on the IRA and a host of other subjects. Imagine the adverts during a general election. Imagine the TV debates.

As Philip Collins of the Times says, that figure for Labour is still way too high though. It’s got a good bit further to fall. Labour appears to be heading into the low 20s. The Lib Dems may benefit a bit, but it is the Tories who are building what potentially could be one hell of an electoral coalition in England.

Well done Jeremy Corbyn, Seumas Milne, Len McCluskey and Owen Jones. Rarely have greater favours ever been done for the Tory party. You should all get knighthoods.