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Boris Johnson called one of those emergency meetings in which he has long specialised, when an indignant Boris demands action to deal with this or that problem. Johnson harrumphs. There is a general waving of arms. It is deemed everyone else’s fault. How on earth was such a mess created? Who on earth is supposed to be in charge round here? 

In that vein, cabinet members met on Tuesday morning to discuss the cost of living crisis. They had been asked to bring with them cost free ideas for making life cheaper for hard pressed voters. Some of the drivers of inflation are global. But the high spending, high taxing policies of the government led by, er, Boris Johnson, have hardly helped. 

Alas, on the suggestion front at cabinet it was slim pickings. There were proposals for the reform of MOTs. And a long term proposal to deregulate childcare. Such changes would take an age to implement and the gains would hardly rocket growth.

Several cabinet ministers did suggest cutting taxes. This seems like an interesting idea. Cutting taxes so people have more of their income to spend and invest, encouraging economic growth, growing the size of the economy and making people wealthier. Could this catch on?