Reaction Weekend

Could cancel culture scare off the new generation of political commentators?

BY Iain Dale | tweet IainDale   /  10 October 2020

Reasoned with Darren Grimes, YouTube and all podcast platformsDarren Grimes has a certain reputation – most of it thoroughly undeserved. His reputation should be as one of the most articulate voices for Brexit in the country and someone who explains complicated Brexit arguments in a very persuasive way. And there aren’t many of those to the pound.

But, thanks to the almost wicked attempts by people like Carole Cadwalladr to smear him and make out he was guilty of all sorts of crime during the Brexit referendum, those who don’t bother to look behind the headlines still believe he must have been up to no good. He was cleared of all allegations against him, but for Cadwalladr that’s not good enough.

Since he left the IEA Grimes has started his own podcast and YouTube channel called Reasoned. He concentrates on interviewing leading lights on the right but throws in the odd curveball like a rather enlightening interview he did with his younger brother Craig about the impact of anti-Coronavirus measures in their native North East. Articulacy clearly runs in the family.


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