Is Rishi Sunak managing to steer the Tory ship away from the rocks?

The gap between Labour and the Conservatives has shrunk by 13 points compared to last week, according to the latest Deltapoll polling.

Labour is 5 points down, on 45%, while the Tories are up 8 points to 35%.

What’s more, Sunak’s net approval rating increased from -11 last week to -9. In contrast, net approval for Keir Starmer dropped by 5 points, from +12 last week to +7 this week.

It’s too soon to forecast a major reversal in fortunes for the Conservatives, but the speed at which the gap between the two main parties is widening appears to be slowing.

POLITICO’s poll of polls shows that over the last six weeks the Tories have climbed steadily from 25% to 28%, while Labour has gone from 47% to 48%.

The question is: why? It would be fair to chalk up Sunak’s Brexit deal as a big political win (although the DUP begs to differ). The appeal of simply having a steady hand on the tiller shouldn’t be discounted. Or maybe Gary Lineker’s hogging of the headlines didn’t have quite the effect he intended…

Whatever the reason, there’s a lot more work to be done. But the trend is clear: inch by inch, the embattled Tories are gaining ground.

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