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Covid immunity passports must not be allowed to become ID cards

BY Maggie Pagano | tweet maggiepagano   /  7 December 2020

Oh dear Mr Cleverly. Don’t you know that if you want to prod the Brit into picking up the pitchforks, you only have to hint they might have to carry ID cards?

Clearly the Foreign Office minister has forgotten how stubborn the British are to carrying any form of self-identification such as an ID card. They might be brilliantly patient at queues and acquiescent to the most extraordinary degree about following lockdown restrictions but mention ID cards and they will head for the barricades.

Not even the threat of the greatest pandemic for a century has changed our deep-rooted objection to being a number on a centralised computer hidden away somewhere at GCHQ. Which is why Cleverly dug himself the deepest hole today after making ambiguous comments about whether the new Covid-19 vaccination card – to be given to people once they have had the vaccine – was a passport by another name.


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